Wir suchen talentierte DevOps (Middle, Senior) mit einem unkontrollierbaren Drang nach professioneller Integrität und dem Interesse an schönen Dingen!

App Agentur

Unser Unternehmen entwickelt und transformiert sich von Jahr zu Jahr. Heute ist App Agentur einer der führenden Anbieter bei der Entwicklung von VR, AR und Blockchain auf dem Weltmarkt. Wir interessieren uns für neue Enthusiasten, die sich wie wir entwickeln und weiterentwickeln wollen.

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Required skills:

  • Deep understanding of the principles of application containerization and the applicability of various solutions;
  • Understanding of the logic of functioning of modern applications, databases and basic frameworks in order to create a suitable environment for them;
  • Experience in building and operating container clusters;
  • Experience in OpenShift / OKD, Terraform (in the context of AWS EC2);
  • Understanding of differences and experience in customizing CI / CD schemes;
  • Understanding of linux kernel at the level sufficient to find bottlenecks in the environment;
  • Experience in linux userland in various distributions and configurations;
  • Understanding of basics of TLS, PKI, ACME and the basics of asymmetric encryption;
  • Understanding of basics of HTTP and the ability to debug services at the protocol level;
  • Experience in configuring and optimizing Nginx, Apache web servers for various cases;
  • Scripting skills;
  • Experience in configuring Zabbix or its modern alternatives;
  • English at the level of understanding technical documentation and written communication.


  • Building flexible and fault-tolerant solutions in various environments;
  • Ensuring the smooth operation of the company's information systems;
  • Assisting developers in deploying, maintaining and debugging services and applications, configuring CI / CD;
  • Protection of processed data from external and internal risk factors;
  • Diagnostics and elimination of problems, control of application performance and prevention of critical situations;
  • Infrastructure and Application Monitoring;
  • Description, optimization and automation of business processes related to infrastructure;
  • Writing documentation for colleagues.

How we are working:

  • PMs work with clients, DevOps engineers are not distracted;
  • DevOps engineers are part of the team with developers, testers, designers and managers;
  • Most of the company's team works remotely, so the interaction systems are fine-tuned and continue to improve.

We offer:

  • Remote work from any city;
  • Flexible working schedule;
  • 20 workdays of paid annual leave;
  • Possibility to work exclusively with European clients – major companies (Audi, Siemens, BMW, Ferrari) as well as unique startups;
  • Working with the team of professional developers and competent managers, where SCRUM is used in practice, not in theory;
  • Well-established system of interaction between employees.

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