Chromecast everything on your TV for free

Enjoy Twitch, Youtube or Netflix? Want to watch your homemade movie on TV,
but have no time to tinker with things?

With Video & TV Cast for iOS you can watch them in no moment at TV or Beamer which supports Chromecast & Chromecast Ultra (all versions) or Apple TV features without the need to download video files or adjust complex programs.

All you need is to download VideoX and push Cast. iOS Chromecast App can be used completely for free.

iPhones, iPads — you name it.

VideoX is Streaming Browser for home use with Apple TV or Chromecast.

With Chromecast for iOS, you may stream literally everything to your Apple TV and Chromecast devices. It makes such scenarios as watching camera shots on TV easy and fast. Show your friends footage from vacation, an archive of family moments or watch a favorite family movie just with a single tap.

How VideoX works

You need 1 iPhone or iPad with an ongoing video on it. The VideoX will detect video player and notify you with push notification that it is possible to cast video. Tap the Cast button and VideoX will show a list of available devices to cast it to.

For the correct work, VideoX Chromecast for iOS will ask you to enable notifications. Push notifications will only be used to notify about the available video to cast, VideoX won’t show any ads with it.

Adjust your experience on the fly

You have the additional opportunity to individually unlock specific Extensions.
  • activate the Streaming player to fast-forward films
  • cast local videos from your camera roll
  • block ads, pop-ups, redirects to websites
  • enable the streaming keyboard – .ag .co .com .is .net .org .se .to
  • save open website
  • define and change the browser homepage
  • bookmarks (create folders & manage all your websites)
  • request desktop mode
  • enable the full-screen browser mode
  • protect the app with a passcode
  • disable the start sound
  • remove the full-screen ads from the app
  • and more…

Do note, that main app features, such as Video & TV Cast + Apple AirPlay + Chromecast-feature is free and unlimited for everybody.

Public note from developers

We appreciate your kind help and support of our app for such a long time. Now, we would ask you to do one thing for us — rate us on Apple Store.

We did a lot of hard work to deliver this VideoX for you, and if you want to keep us going — this would greatly encourage us to work even more thoughtfully on VideoX. We do not ask you to do it for payment or features, but only as an act of goodwill.

If the idea struck your mind on VideoX features and you want to submit it — please, contact us:, and we make VideoX even better.

Download VideoX Chromecast for iOS now: